How it Works

PlaceMENU Color Options

We offer B&W, Spot Color, or even Full Color printing options. The B&W is the simplest and the most cost effective because we know the PlaceMENU will be disposed of after one use. Selecting the color options will increase the cost, but since we're a full service printing company we can easily handle any custom requirements.

Take-Out PlaceMENUs

A great feature about the PlaceMENU is it doubles as a take-out menu! If you only do take-out you just order 1,000 PlaceMENUs. If you go with the Black & White version they will only cost $0.065 each, making these so affordable that you can send a PlaceMENU with every take-out order that leaves your restaurant. It also increases the visibility of the local businesses advertising on your PlaceMENU/Take-Out menu.

PlaceMENU Specific to Your Restaurant Only

If you prefer not to advertise on your PlaceMENU, we will design a PlaceMENU with just your information. Use the increased area to promote specials or offers, add rebus puzzles and games like tic tac toe or word searches, or extend your menu items. The advertisements cover 2/3 of the cost of the PlaceMENU, you would now assume that additional cost. Bulk rates are available, but higher quantities will limit the frequency you can change menu items and prices.

How you are Helping Local Businesses

In the past, advertisers paid the entire cost of placements, making them free to restaurants. Now, because of
Covid-19 putting a choke hold on the economy for both restaurants and small business, we can unite and offer greater savings for both. With the restaurant paying approximately 1/3 the cost and the advertiser paying the difference, we save the restaurant the cost of both take-out and re-usable laminated menus. We can reduce the advertiser’s cost by approximately 1/3 what they used to pay, either saving advertising budget money or allowing them to advertise in more locations making the business more visible.

In Addition to...

Signing up with a PlaceMENU also gets your business more exposure on the internet. We'll create your own page with your restaurant information, location, a downloadable menu, photos, hours of operation, and much more on our website.

Designing PlaceMENUs

Simply email us your current menu in a PDF format or we'll stop by to pick one up. We will create your restaurant’s PlaceMENU and then send a proof for your review. Once approved, we will print and deliver 2,500 PlaceMENUs to your location in just two days. You need only contact us via email prior to running out (re-order notice is placed 500 from bottom), make menu revisions (if any), and place your next order.

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