PlaceMENU - The Benefits

Re-Establish Customer Relationships

As customers return to their favorite restaurants for a good meal and socializing with their favorite bartenders and wait staff, it is important that they recognize the new health and safety standards you are implementing. This will give them the confidence to return to your establishment on a regular basis.

Healthy, Safe, and Disposable

Why use PlaceMENUs? For restaurants that already use placemats, they know their customers prefer something to place their flatware on knowing that it's sanitary. Who knows who coughed or sneezed at your table just before you arrived? These single use, disposable PlaceMENUs will be reduce the risk of contamination to both your customer and employees. In comparison, laminated menus that are passed from customer to wait staff and back again, are not only unsafe, but very expensive.

Combining Menus
with Placemats
or, as we call them

Economic and Flexible

Disposable menus are expensive. In order to get the price to a reasonable rate, you would have to order bulk quantities. This reduces the frequency that you can make changes to your menu items and prices. That’s where we come in. We will print, deliver, and invoice one carton of 2,500 PlaceMENUs as needed. The B&W PlaceMENU with 8 advertising businesses cost ONLY 6.5 CENTS each! A full order will cost $162.50 for 2,500 PlaceMENU's.

Partnering with Local Businesses

Allowing local small businesses to advertise on your PlaceMENU reduces your cost. In turn, you help to create an interest and growth opportunity for small businesses in your community.

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